Just a blog. About a divorced, single mom in marketing. From Iowa.

Here are some stats:

  • Over half-way to 70
  • 10 years of marriage
  • 10 years as a B2B Marketing and Communications leader in the BPO industry
  • 4 years as a Coloradoan
  • 2 kiddos – including 1 teenage girl (no additional comments necessary)
  • 4 years divorced
  • 1 strong faith
  • 1 voice to share

I’m not perfect but I continue to learn everyday about life, faith, parenting, business, love and myself. Come to find out there is no perfect parenting manual. And there definitely isn’t a manual for myself. So this blog is just a piece of my journey. If it inspires just one person, then it is worth sharing my voice.

Enjoy and be sure to follow!

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